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5 Inspiring Travel Documentaries to Watch Now on Netflix

Because of the Covid-19 lock down situation more of us are staying inside and watching Netflix or other TV. It's been tough not being able to travel but finding inspiration for my next adventures has been easy. I love documentaries and have compiled a list of my five favourite travel documentaries on Netflix that will inspire you to travel again. The list is my opinion and I'd love to hear your suggestions.

1) Down To Earth

This is a new documentary on Netflix and is co-produced by and starring Zac Efron and his friend and wellness guru Darin Olien. They travel to 8 different countries searching for purpose outside of Hollywood and looking for alternative ways of living. Exploring small communities and finding out how people create healthy purposeful and sustainable lives. Watch this if you want to be inspired or are interested in learning about how different cultures create a purpose away from materialistic inventions, what initiative these countries are using to create a sustainable life for their people and nature. Explore renewable energy, eco-villages, different diets and the impact that climate change is having locally and what the people are doing about it.

2) Dark Tourist

In this documentary series you will travel with journalist David Farrier to the more unusual and unheard of tourist hot spots around the world. Visit a haunted house, a Voodoo festival in Benin, a World War II re-enactment in Kent, dinner with Vampires in New Orleans and more. David gets as involved as he can and even swims in a lake formed by a nuclear blast and witnesses an exorcism in Mexico.

Watch this if you want to be inspired to get off the beaten track and see something different. The beauty of this documentary shows the diversity of modern beliefs and traditions that are not featured in mainstream guide books or shown on TV.

3) Pedal The World

Felix Starck is not an avid cyclist but decides to travel 20,000km by bicycle across 22 countries in one year looking for the meaning of life. This documentary is self shot and raw. It takes you through the emotional ups and downs of solo travelling and using cycling as your mode of transport. Some of the destinations Felix cycles through are Serbia, Singapore, North Macedonia and Thailand coming across untouched beauty along the way. Watch this if you are thinking of travelling solo but are unsure, it shows you how kind and open people are from all over the world with Felix meeting his now girlfriend and making so many friends along the way. Also a great watch if you want to feel inspired to go get out there and cycle.

4) Our Planet

This documentary series has stunning cinematography and is voiced over by Sir David Attenborough, a wildlife documentary legend. Showcasing the worlds natural beauty this hard hitting documentary goes into the facts and impact of climate change on our planets nature. It captures animals in their natural habitat with some never seen before moments caught on camera. Visit Oceans, Forests, Deserts, Frozen Lands and more. Learn about the importance of preserving these environments and what we can all do to make positive changes. Watch this if you love nature and animals and want to make a positive difference with your everyday actions. Get ready for some wanderlust, it will make you want to go on safari, take on a polar expedition and learn to scuba dive.

5) Street Food (Asia)

Food is a very important part of travelling and is what brings people together. This documentary series showcases not only the different street foods you can try across Asia but about the hard working people that create these dishes and the history of the food and how they came to be a street vendor. Visit Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Indonesia and the Philippines to learn about different street food cultures.

Watch this if you want to feel inspired for your next foodie adventure and like trying local and traditional foods when you travel or if you want to be inspired with what to cook for dinner tonight. Although not based on vegan food, I have found many vegan food stalls while travelling and love the whole idea of street food and the people behind it.


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