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5 Ways To Travel More Climate Positive

Exploring new corners of this planet is my favourite thing to do. Discovering new foods, learning about cultures, meeting new people, admiring beautiful scenery and nature is what inspires me on my travels. With everything that is going on at the moment during the Covid-19 pandemic I've become even more grateful for the adventures I've had and it's made me look forward to new adventures ahead. Travellers, including myself, are now looking for new ways to travel with a more positive impact on the environment. I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips so we can all be more mindful when we can travel again.

Embrace Public Transport

Get a true look into a locals life!! Public transport is by far one of the best ways to get a real feel of how local people live by joining them in their everyday routine. Train travel usually has a much lower carbon footprint than car or air travel and is a quick and convenient way of getting around. It is also an enjoyable way of travelling, usually there are no long queues, you can take your own food and drink and just sit back and relax. Plus it's likely you're going to enjoy some views along the way. How does travelling through the Australian Outback sound or along the scenic rice fields of Sri Lanka?

Explore Cities By Bicycle Or A Walking Tour With A Local Guide

Walking or riding a bicycle is a fantastic way of exploring a city. If you want to rent a bicycle it's good to do your research first and dedicate a whole day and map out what areas you want to see. Riding a bike is a much quicker way of getting around compared to travelling by foot and is sometimes quicker than a car depending on the city traffic. A great way to be carbon neutral and get some exercise while travelling. In almost every tourist city there will be a local guide willing to give you a walking tour of the area. I always recommend these tours having done many myself, there is nothing like a local guide showing you hidden secrets of the city, like where to find the best coffee and where to see the best street art or find cheap local food.

Take Your Own Toiletries & Beauty Products

Create less waste! If you go prepared and take your toiletries, it saves you buying or using cheap and disposable products locally. Gone are the days of taking small travel size plastic bottles of shampoo and body wash. Today it's all about the zero waste soap bars and toothpaste tablets that will last your whole trip, as well as plastic free bamboo toothbrushes and metal razors.

Face wipes are a big problem and clog up waterways as well as adding to the micro-plastic problem in our rivers and oceans. Go face wipe free and use a waste free cleanser soap bar (I recommend Lush) and use reusable washable cotton or bamboo facial pads.

Get Involved In A Local Community Project

It always feels good to give back. Taking a day out of you holiday to do something good for the environment and local community is a step forward in educating each other and coming together to create something positive. It could be joining a beach clean up, restoring natural wilderness areas by cleaning up or planting trees and plants. Both of which you can do in your own time. You may like to contact the local animal sanctuary and offer your help feeding and cleaning up after the animals or walking the dogs at a local rescue centre. It will be something that's sure to add value to your trip.

Travel In Your Own Country

Being a tourist in your own country is fabulous and underrated. I admit I have been guilty of overlooking this in the past, but every time I've explored a new area of the UK I've found myself appreciating the natural beauty and have found amazing adventures so close to home.

Learning about your own country's heritage is so rewarding. There are cultural centres and museums all around the country waiting to be discovered. Soak up the scenery. There is an abundance of beauty out there from nature walks, jaw-dropping coastlines and interesting architecture all over the UK. The best thing too is that it's Eco friendly. Chances are you won't be flying anywhere because the UK has great public transport connections to travel near and far by train or coach. You could even drive to your destination and take your bicycles to explore the area once you're there.


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