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Common Questions Australia

Updated: Jan 22

Often I get asked questions about Australia and the same ones come up time and time again. I hope this helps, but if your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact me for more information.

When is the best time to go to Australia? Australia is a year round destination. It really depends what you want to see. Australia is 32 times the size of the UK and the weather varies from state to state. You have different seasons which brings out different wildlife and flora and fauna. North Queensland is tropical, it's where the Great Barrier Reef meets the rainforest, therefore it attracts rain but remains hot all year round. The wet season is November to March and dry April to October making it the best time to visit this region.

South Queensland gets less rain and is a great choice if you still want to be spoilt by Queensland's impressive beaches and wildlife but want to go between November and March. Sydney can get cooler during the months May to September, but you will find great offers on hotels and everywhere will be less crowded. Victoria, home to Melbourne and in the Southern corner of Australia, can have similar weather to the UK. The coolest months being June to August, the lowest temperature getting down to 6 °C, similar to Tasmania. Australia Summer is a great time to visit this region. South Australia, Adelaide is a great year round destination as you can easily access the outback and does not suffer from great weather changes through the year. Western Australia, Perth, is know as the sunniest state and the best time to visit would be during the Australian autumn or spring where some beautiful wildlife pops up and you miss the busy tourist period. The Red Centre is hot all year round, it may be TOO hot to travel in the summer as the temperature can get to over 40 °C and you may suffer from sand flies. Travelling in the Australian spring and autumn would be the best time to visit.

The best season to visit Darwin and the Northern Territory would be the Australian winter, like North Queensland it's tropical and suffers with very wet summers. The best time to visit would be from April to November.

How long does it take to fly to Australia?

The closest point in Australia from the UK is Perth and there is a direct flight that takes 17 hours from London. Flying to Sydney from London will take roughly 24 hours with one stop.

What is the best way to travel around Australia?

The quickest way to travel is by flying and there are many cheap domestic flights between states.

The most economic way to travel is by train and there are many train links between states. Journeys can take anything from 12 hours to to 4 days to get between states.

Car or motor home is a great way to travel to see the best of Australia. The roads are made for road trips, you can stop off where you like and they drive on the left side of the road.

Greyhound coaches are the cheapest way to travel and are very economical. They have set stops so will take you from A to B with no frills.

Will I require a visa to enter Australia?

You will. All visitors (except those from New Zealand) require a visa, which needs to be obtained prior to arrival in Australia. This can be done directly though the Australian Department of Home Affairs and the standard tourist visa will last for 3 months. The visa is free of charge. You can also get a Working Holiday Visa which allows you to work in Australia for 1 year but has many restrictions such as how long you can work in one place and how much tax you will be paying. For more information visit the Australia Government Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection website.

What currency is used in Australia? Australia's currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). Notes come in $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5.

Can I take food into Australia?

Australia is known for being very strict on the food they allow into the country. Luggage will be scanned on arrival and food items will typically be confiscated and sometimes even have a charge if you do not declare them properly. It is best not to bring food into Australia.

Will I need an international drivers license to drive in Australia? No, as long as the licence is in English language and is a full licence with no points or convictions.

Can I drive in the dark in Australia? This is when wildlife are at their most active. A lot of hire companies will not include cover on the insurance for driving during these hours. The outback and some regional roads during these times are dangerous as it is very easy to hit animals. It is best to settle down somewhere before the sun sets.

Where can I see kangaroos and koalas in the wild? Kangaroos are all over Australia, they like the outback, rainforest and beaches. Koalas are more commonly seen down south in the Victoria or South Australian region.

Kangaroo Island in South Australia is a great place to guarantee you will see both animals in their natural homes, but pretty much anywhere if you know the right places to look you can spot these beautiful animals.

Where can I see crocodiles in the wild?

There are two types of crocodiles found in Australia, saltwater and freshwater. They live in tropical Australia. Your best chance to see them in the wild would be North Queensland and Northern Territory. Extreme caution is advised in the areas where crocodiles are found and signage is shown advising against swimming in many rivers. It is always best to go on an eco crocodile spotting cruise to see the crocodiles safely.

When is the stinger season in the tropical north? Marine stingers inhabit coastal waters mainly during the summer in North Queensland during the wet season, November to March.

Will I see any spiders and snakes? It is unlikely you will even encounter snakes and spiders as they tend to stay away from built up areas. Even in the outback it is still unlikely you will bump into either of these creatures, but if you do, do not approach them and let your tour guide know straight away. The last death by spider was in April 2016 and this was the country’s first recorded death by spider since 1981- they cause more fear than chaos.

What is the time difference between UK and Australia?

Each state varies. Sydney is 11 hours ahead of UK time

Perth is 8 hours ahead of UK time

Do I need any vaccinations to enter Australia? No, unless you have been to a country infected by yellow fever within six days of arrival. Please go to the Australia Customs and Boarder protection website for more information.

How easy is it to eat vegan in Australia? Australia is quickly becoming an amazing vegan foodie destination. All of the major cities have vegan restaurants so eating out is easy. The majority of people understand the word 'vegan' therefore it is easy to communicate.

Like the supermarkets over here there are plenty of vegan options and alternative snacks and produce available.

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