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How To Be Eco-Friendly In The Caribbean

Updated: Jan 22

The Caribbean is at the top of many of our bucket lists, gorgeous beaches, white sand, luxury resorts and friendly locals. It's the ultimate destination to just switch off and chill out. But can you be Eco-friendly during your holiday to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is made up of many islands and most of these rely on tourism for income. The Caribbean suffers with over-tourism and is affected by climate change with the never ending change of weather and risk of hurricanes which has demolished shorelines and communities. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Caribbean is the most tourism-intensive region in the world.

So what can we do other than stop travelling altogether? The government have recently restricted further development and is bringing in more Eco-friendly practices such as a ban on plastic and adding more protected conservation areas for marine and coastal areas.

What can we do as a tourist? Ask your travel agent or do your research about the resort you want to stay in. Choose a resort that has a good sustainability policy in place. Ensure activities you partake in are Eco friendly. How does the reef cruise you want to go on dispose of its waste? Where do they get their food from? What kind of boat is it and can it cause damage to marine life? Turtles can be spotted all year round on certain islands in the Caribbean. If you want to see these majestic creatures close up there are some conservation projects that are happy to raise awareness and show tourists how they work. Steer away from anything that allows you to get too close or touch the turtles. Watch where you step. The beaches are full of little animals you might not see on the sand as well as turtle's eggs. Avoid building sandcastles and don't use umbrellas in the sand as you could risk moving and crushing eggs, destroying habitats. Don't swim with dolphins or sharks, there are no sustainable practices that offer this activity in the Caribbean. Avoid sea planes and quad biking, as fun as they may seem these activities add emissions to the environment. Why not hire an E-Bike or bicycle as an alternative way to see the island.

Where to stay? The most eco-friendly islands are Belize, Dominica and St.John, U.S Virgin Islands with green practices in place. Look out for Eco resorts. For a stay in the Rainforest check out 3 Rivers and Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge in the Dominica, offering a nature stay and eco activities such as bird watching, a renewable energy workshop and cooking classes with local ingredients. For something more luxurious check out the Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada which has been Green Globe Certified for it's environmental practices such as its use of natural composting, replanting beach front trees, energy conservation, recycling initiative and staff training program to educate employees about conservation.

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