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The Best Honeymoon Destinations For LGBT+ Couples

Updated: Feb 4

Weddings and Honeymoons are memories we want to cherish for the rest of our lives. They are a chance to do something special and maybe splash out and treat ourselves. The first holiday as Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs etc. Most people want their honeymoons to be romantic, which is not always easy if you are a same sex couple. Can you believe gay marriage is only legal in 28 countries? I wanted to create a simple guide to the best LGBT friendly countries for honeymoons.

It is important to remember, that for everywhere you travel, all travellers, whatever your sexuality, should take precautions and research the culture & customs before they travel. In a lot of cultures you will need to avoid public displays of affection and dress modestly. It is always important to respect local traditions.

Best for Adventure


In Bali there is a relaxed approach to life, there are many gay friendly hotels, bars, cafes etc. Bali is a diverse land of beaches, jungle, culture and wildlife, and there are so many different itineraries that include adventure activities like white water rafting, volcano trekking, mountain biking & surfing.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known as one of the most LGBT friendly countries in the world with very liberal feelings towards gay rights. Every year New Zealand hosts Pride events in all of it's main cities. The home to extreme sports, New Zealand is packed with adventure activities including cycling, skiing, hiking, bungee jumping and camping.

Costa Rica Costa Rica is an open minded country and LGBT tourism has grown over the last couple of years. There are now gay resort areas, gay owned hotels and even a gay beach. The Gay Pride March takes place in June in San José. You've come to the right place if you are looking for water based adventure as Costa Rica is famous for it's rafting, diving and kayaking.

Best for Beach


Let's not get into politics! Overall Philippines presents itself as a gay friendly country and there many areas which are very open-minded to the community. There are many beautiful beaches in the Philippines such as Boracay, El Nido and Coron. It's the perfect place to have a multi-centre holiday.


Known as the most gay friendly country in Southeast Asia, the LGBT scene is thriving. Thailand has many gay resorts as well as a big night life scene. Some of the best beaches can be found by island hopping and if it's romance you are looking for one of the more quiet islands would suit you well such as Koh Lipe.


Mexico is generally an open minded country with many gay bars, hotels and clubs. Why not team a beach stay with a trip to Mexico City which has a big gay community and a buzzing foodie scene? There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Mexico such as Tulum, Cancun and Playa Norte, which is also home to the largest known 'family' of whale sharks.

Best for Luxury


Mykonos is known to have a big gay scene and features lots of gay bars and resorts and has a gay dance festival every year. Same sex unions have been legal since 2015. Picture whitewashed buildings, beautiful bays and beachfront hideaways, now picture yourself relaxing in a luxury all inclusive resorts, private villa or a boutique hotel.

Thailand The second time Thailand has featured! Truly a good option for luxury. It's especially good if you want luxury on a budget. Thailand is often called 'The Land of Smiles' and their hospitality is second to none. Get ready for relaxing massages, glorious food and exceptional entertainment.


The Maldives is not quite there yet with being open to the LGBT community. Seychelles has the breathtaking beaches you are after and is one of the few African countries that is more tolerant but is still a highly modest country.

The Banyan Tree Seychelles is one of my absolute favourite resorts set amongst tropical forest and pristine beaches. It also has a strong environmental policy, it's plastic free and has a conservation centre to help rehabilitate wildlife, together with other projects.

Best for Wildlife


A very safe and open country for the LGBT community. It was behind compared to the rest of the developed world, but in 2017 Australia said 'yes' to legalising gay marriage. The most famous event being the Mardi Gras in Sydney that happens between February and March every year.

Wildlife is in abundance in Australia. Say hello to the cute natives like koala's, kangaroos and wombats. Marvel at the size of the crocodiles and be stunned by the colours of the cassowary.

Sweden Sweden is known as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world and they are very welcoming to all LGBT travellers. With the capital city Stockholm having a thriving gay scene you will feel relaxed and comfortable taking a honeymoon to Sweden. Stockholm being a great place to start for your wildlife adventure, you don't have to go far to join a tour to spot wolves, moose, beavers and marine life. Canada Canada is a modern country with progressive gay rights and you should feel safe and at home here. There is a thriving gay scene and many Pride events. Experience grizzly bears up close and personal on Canada's North and West Coast, spot Orcas on the East and West Coast and find Elks in the National Parks all around Canada.

Best for culture


This is the third time I have mentioned Thailand but it is such a good, friendly destination for many reasons and it has a bit of everything. The best cultural experiences include temple hopping in Chiang Mai, the historic city of Ayutthaya and Bangkok to taste all the local street food.


Japan is one of Asia's most progressive countries when it comes to LGBT rights. With society more accepting than ever of homosexuality, and with its rapid lifestyle, it's a place where you can travel around at ease. Japan is beaming with culture everywhere you look, from the Geisha tradition in Kyoto, the distinctive Japanese shrines and temples and their traditional Tea Ceremonies. Greece The Greek islands are one of the most picturesque places to get married, honeymoon or both. With Greece being a pretty liberal country, same sex unions have been legally recognised since 2015 and is a perfectly safe place to travel for LGBT travellers.

A place full of history, learn about the Roman Empire and visit historical sites to marvel the architecture and learn about how it influences modern day culture.

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