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Top 5 Vegan Places To Eat Cape Town

Updated: Jan 22

I love this city, with lots of vegan eats, plant-based healthy eating, vegan junk food and even non-vegan restaurants that are offering some amazing options.


Set in the backpacker district of Cape Town. This restaurant was one of the first plant-based eateries established in 2014. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it serves juices, coffees, beers and wines. It sells its own line of foods too including vegan mayo. The menu changes often to keep it fresh and creative which includes mock meats. The food we ate included croissants and tofu scramble at breakfast, nachos and shawarma for dinner and pancakes and raw cheesecake for dessert.


In the City Centre this plant based raw vegan restaurant is not to be missed. It's set in a modern bright bar, lots of superfoods and a total commitment to raw food. It's a healthy option. The menu includes freshly squeezed juices, tapas, raw lasagne, burgers and crepes and a chocolate ganache avocado cake for dessert. No coffee though as nothing is heated! All of the produce is local.

3) V&A Food Market

Open until 8pm weekdays and 9pm Fridays and Saturdays, this place is full of local gourmet street food. The market itself is super pretty. You can sit outside and watch the street performances or sit on the second floor in the seating area with a view of the whole market. A perfect place to people watch! It's not JUST vegan but has plenty of choices, including sushi and poke bowls, curries and samosas, burgers and chips, small snacks, protein balls and frozen yogurt with endless toppings. For drinks there is a bar on the second floor with vegan beers and wines. There are coffee and juice stalls. Just don't forget to bring your empty containers, cutlery and keep cup with you!


Lets talk junk food!! Lekker Vegan is a must. There are two of these restaurants in Cape Town. Set up as a takeaway but also has a small dining in area. The menu offers burgers, Gatsbys (Subs), chips, ice cream and cakes. The portions are absolutely HUGE and you will definitely need a lie down after eating here. I was feeling extra greedy and had the Lekker Triple Triple and ice cream for desert which did not disappoint and yes I managed to eat it all. The prices are very reasonable. It's any vegans junk food dream!!


Not a vegan restaurant - serves meat. However, it has its own vegan menu with many choices for a 3 course meal and even has it's own vegan drinks menu including beers, wines and coffee. The menu is very creative with pizzas such as Roasted Tofu and Satay Sauce Pizza, Lemon and Garlic Butter Farfalle, the most amazing cheesecake and even has superfood smoothies and Kombucha. There is NO vegan restaurant on the V&A Waterfront and this was a delicious option. Please support this place and who knows where it could go in the future.


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